It is no wonder that Tel Aviv was named one of Saveur Magazine’s “Outstanding Culinary Destinations

Tel Aviv, home to sandy beaches, non-stop action and a raging nightlife, is also chock-full of unique restaurants and bars, making the seaside city a trendy foodie destination. The Tel Aviv food industry is truly the city’s heart and soul and while plenty of high-end eateries can be found throughout Tel Aviv, it is fresh local street food that has taken the city by storm.

Taking traditional street food to a whole new level

Say goodbye to the days where Tel Aviv street food was mostly limited to the scrumptious, yet singular concept of crisply fried falafel stuffed into a freshly baked pita. Today, the Tel Aviv street food scene is just that - a scene, with gourmet and specialty treats being served to the masses on local street corners. Take a walk down Ibn Gvirol, Ben Yehuda or Carmel streets and choose from a myriad of high-end meats, fish, prepared vegetables and sauces, all artfully inserted inside pita bread, between slices of toast or other casings. Nibble on the succulent delicacies inspired by the four corners of the world - sabich and tahini in laffa bread, unique herring sandwiches and more, as you continue to wander throughout the city, a taste of Israeli culture on your tongue and a pleasant sense of satisfaction in your belly.

Restaurant quality meals for the foodie on the go

What more could a bustling city full of hurried business professionals and excited tourists want than easy access to flavorful and trendy dishes that can be eaten on the go? With more and more unique streetside quick-stop eateries popping up throughout the city and serving dishes like entrecote-stuffed ciabatta bread and cornflour arepas, it is no wonder that Tel Aviv was named one of Saveur Magazine’s “Outstanding Culinary Destinations.”

Foodies delight: Tel Aviv and its hip street food scene, with countless delectable choices on every corner, is the ultimate culinary travel destination and a must-visit stop on your next Israel trip.