Non Stop Culture

Tel Aviv’s fascinating cultural scene

Tel Aviv is famous around the world for its culture and entertainment scene. Home to fantastic museums and art galleries, theaters, concert halls, and dance centers, your cultural desires are sure to be met.


The Tel Aviv theatre scene is flourishing and visitors to the city will enjoy the many world class plays of the city’s main theatres – Habima, Hakameri and Gesher, located is beautiful surroundings and often hosting shows in English or offer subtitles for non-Hebrew speakers.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
The city’s beautifully designed, leading museum for Israeli and international art containing one of the world’s largest contemporary art collections featuring permanent displays alongside rotating exhibitions.

Beit Ha’ir (The old Town Hall)

The recently renovated Beit Ha’ir, was the old city hall in Tel Aviv-Yafo on Bialik Street, and is now a living display of the city’s history, featuring a new exhibition, which sums up the extensive collection of photos and stories featuring events, sites, and experiences of residents throughout the years.

Eretz Israel Museum

A multi-disciplinary institution. It presents the history of the land and its culture through an extensive permanent exhibit, in addition to a variety of temporary exhibits on subjects such as archaeology, ethnography, folklore, Judaica, cultural history, local identity, traditional crafts and functional arts.

Private Galleries

All around Tel Aviv, but mainly in Neve Tzedek, Ben Yehuda and Gordon streets you can freely wonder into any of the privately-owned beautiful art galleries featuring original works of local contemporary artists.