Coffee shop culture is fundamental to Tel Aviv, so slow down the pace and soak up the vibe.

The Cafe Culture
If you want to experience the ‘real Tel Aviv’, there’s no better way than to join the local coffee shop tradition. You could drink in one of the many trendy tourist coffee places, but why not step off the beaten track to feel the rhythm of regular life in a small local coffee shop? Watch the morning rush flow around you, or join the Tel Aviv residents who fill street-side cafes in the evenings to enjoy the cool breeze, chat and, of course, have a coffee. You’ll want to linger at your table, so take advantage of the range of delicious foods that are served in every coffee shop. Some will delight you with rich European pastries, while others serve full meals that draw on a range of tastes and cultures.

Tel Aviv is full of great places to drink coffee, each one with a different vibe. Sip an iced coffee by the beach as you soak up the sun, mingle with the locals in a sleek coffee shop among the famous Bauhaus buildings in trendy Neve Tzedek or relax with a latte at the revived Tel Aviv port. Watch the energetic bronzed joggers, bikers and rollerbladers surge past while you take some time out to savor life - and good coffee.

Coffee Time
In Tel Aviv, you won’t just drink different types of coffee, you’ll absorb different worlds and traditions. Your morning joe could be a modern and trendy ‘cafe hafuch’ - the Israeli version of cappuccino made with a shot of espresso poured into steamed milk that’s drunk by cool young Tel Aviv-ians. For your mid-morning coffee break, let a pot of traditional Turkish coffee, hot, dark and strong, take you to a different world just a few minutes away in Old Jaffa. The aroma and the atmosphere will transport you through the years to the smells and flavors of the old Middle East. Finally, join the Mediterranean custom of an evening coffee at an outdoors table on Rothschild Boulevard with the sabras.

It’s never a bad time for a coffee in Tel Aviv.