Even though it dates back thousands of years, a visit to Old Jaffa always feels like an exciting discovery. Charming winding alleyways interspersed with art galleries, historic buildings, extraordinary landmarks and a multitude of quaint authentic restaurants. A tour of old Jaffa is an awe inspiring experience, a definite must for every tourist visiting Israel.


Considered one of the world’s most ancient ports, the Port of Jaffa served fishermen, sailors, merchants, crusaders, conquerors and immigrants for thousands of years. Today, the port continues to serve as a fishing port, and is also being renovated as an urban attraction, offering cultural and leisure activities, shopping and tourism, while preserving its unique historical and fascinating character.


Recently restored, the trendy port area has really got it all. During the day, you can find yourself wandering through remarkable hanger style spaces for brand and boutique shopping, sharing a meal in restaurants with magnificent sea views and taking part in lots of activities for the whole family. At night however, crowds of young clubbers descend on the area, which transforms into one of the city’s most popular hotspots with some of the coolest clubs and bars in Tel Aviv.


Join a fascinating tour of the “White City” of Tel Aviv and discover why it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The White City is home to the world’s largest grouping of international style buildings, also known as Bauhaus. Built in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and painstakingly restored to its original glory, the ‘White City’ quarter is a truly unique and memorable architectural treasure.


Take a break from the hectic pace of Tel Aviv; this hidden gem of a neighborhood boasts beautiful oriental architectural style and charming narrow streets which make Neve Tzedek, literally meaning an Oasis of Justice, an actual oasis at the heart of the bustling city.

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