At Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market, the culinary options are endless

Built in and around 150-year-old Templer structures in the heart of Tel Aviv is Israel’s culinary melting pot: Sarona Market. Reflecting Tel Aviv’s exemplary culinary atmosphere and placing a modern urban twist on the city’s more traditional marketplaces, Sarona is the place to visit to satisfy your every craving - and get a taste for the diverse ethnic inspirations that drive the bustling sea-side city.

Visit Israel’s largest covered culinary marketplace

From gourmet creations to spins on traditional local dishes, Sarona Market has it all and will satisfy every quaking belly. With over 90 restaurants, food stands, pubs and culinary boutiques operating seven days of the week, all you need to do is decide whether you’d rather tuck into a bowl of succulent ramen, a plate of spicy empanadas, a tangy sub sandwich or a sweet baked confection. Can’t decide? The eateries are all adjacent to one another, making a seafood entree followed by spicy pad thai or a juicy burger an easy feat.

Need to take a break between courses? Sarona Market is also home to accessory shops, museums, a visitor’s center and other fun, must-see attractions.

Go Green

TGIF! Fridays at Sarona are exceptionally enthralling, with farm-fresh produce available for purchase, making the culinary experience that much more interactive and engaging. Once you’ve selected your produce, continue on your urban market adventure, adding savory imported cheeses, top-quality Italian balsamic vinegar, boutique beers and sweet confections to your shopping bag, all tasty additions to a weekend home-cooked meal.

Experience modern Israeli cuisine in full force at Sarona Market. With no end to the available culinary options reflecting the popular and unique foodie atmosphere of Tel Aviv, Sarona Market is a must-visit hotspot that will certainly satisfy every imaginable gustatory craving.