Exploring Tel Aviv has never been so fun for vegans, or so yummy

Touring foreign cities can be rough on vegans, who adhere to a diet free of animal-based dishes. Not so in Tel Aviv, home to an all-vegan culinary school and scores of vegan-friendly eateries. Already a culinary hotspot for touring foodies and crowned “The World’s Best Culinary City” by Saveur Magazine, Tel Aviv has embraced veganism as it grows in popularity, leading The Daily Meal culinary magazine to declare the city “The World’s Best Vegan Destination,” ahead of eight other “vegan-friendly cities” as well.

What vegans want

Stroll through the city of Tel Aviv and you will stumble upon countless vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, bistros and fast food stands. Take in the sweet and savory aromas wafting through the city air and know that nearby is a yummy treat you can most proxcbably eat. Keeping up with the tastes and demands of Tel Aviv locals and tourists, most of the city’s eateries- or at least those with any ounce of self-respect, have vegan-friendly options interspersed throughout their menus. Others have shifted to an entirely vegan spread, offering up a spin on local delicacies like egg-free falafel, seitan shawarma and dairy-free cheese pizza.

Taste the fresh Mediterranean flavors

Breathing in the fresh Mediterranean air give you an appetite for some fresh local treats? For vegans touring Tel Aviv, your stomach grumbling is but an arrow pointing you in the direction of some of the freshest local produce transformed into scrumptious dishes reflecting many different cultures, culinary directions and trends.

Israel is blessed with many vegan dining options, but when it comes to vegan eateries, Tel Aviv is a true vegan culinary gem. Whether it’s fast food, a gourmet menu or sweet desserts you are craving, Tel Aviv has a vegan option for you, making the seaside Israeli city a must-visit destination on your next Israel trip.