Cool things to do in the hot city

Tel Aviv is world famous for being the city that never stops, renowned for its amazing nightlife, the fabulous beaches, the fantastic culture and art and much more. But here are a few lesser known things you can do in the summer in the city.

Check out the Bracelet bars
Bracelet bars are a great way to drink the night away on a budget. Simply wend your way to one of the many bars in Tel Aviv which let you pay a fixed price in advance and drink as much as you want or as much as you can…

Friday afternoons drum circles
Make your way to the famous Banana beach on Friday afternoons and treat yourself twice – enjoy the awesome drum session on the beach and check out the gorgeous sunset – both completely free of charge!

Rooftop fun
Maybe it’s the weather; maybe it’s the view – one thing’s for sure, Tel Avivians love the outdoors, especially with a drink in hand. During the summer you’ll find most bars and pubs raise the roof (literally!) and turn into outdoor venues, while many bars pop up on rooftops of commercial and office buildings. To find these awesome places all you need to do is simply follow the sounds of music and fun.

Outdoor fitness
Nothing’s more important than your health, and one of the best things you can do for your body is to give it some exercise. Tel Aviv offers some great ways to do just that – from swimming in the sea, running along the promenade, bicycling through the fabulous city streets and even getting some gym action on in any of the outdoor (free) exercise stations located around the city.

Epic Summer Events
From world famous international artists to amazing tech, art and beer festivals, gallery openings, exhibitions, live street music, to open cinemas and beach parties that last all night, Tel Aviv in the summer is an endless source of fun and entertainment not to be missed!