Traveling on a Budget

Making It Count in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem!

So you’ve heard of the stunning beaches, the amazing sights and the fabulous cuisine and you are looking to travel to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, but affordability is a concern. Well, pack your bags and worry no more! Both cities offer low-cost accommodations, transportation, and meals, as well as countless sites to see and things to do, which require little or no expense.

For affordable accommodation you can choose from the many hostels and smaller hotels, many of which are located only a few minutes’ walk from Tel Aviv’s Beaches and Jerusalem’s main attractions.

Getting around? In both cities it’s a snap with a Rav Kav card. Purchase one for little more than a dollar at”Al Hakav” (on the line) Service centers at central stations and other locations around the city. Jerusalem also offers an affordable City Pass option, and in Tel Aviv, the Tel Ofan bicycle rental municipal service is a great and low cost way to get around in the city.

What to do? Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are packed with sites, marketplaces, parks, nearby nature reserves and hiking trails. There are endless ways to not spend a dime and fill your trip with unforgettable experiences.

Finally, everyone’s gotta eat, from hummus to gourmet, both cities are famous for great street food and low-price restaurants offering cheap lunch time dining.

So come visit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem where you are guaranteed a fantastic time without breaking the bank.