Travel from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

One of the best things in visiting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is how incredibly different yet amazingly close are these two fabulous destinations. In fact, the two cities are less than one hour’s drive from one another, which means that should you wish, you could spend the day exploring the awesome and world-famous sites of Jerusalem and be back in time to watch the sunset from one of Tel Aviv stunning beaches. Talk about a full day’s fun…

Getting to and from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is easy and there are several ways depending on your preference and budget:

By Car: Should you choose to rent a car you will find route 1 connects the two cities directly, and road signs to be pretty clear and come in three languages. However, you may want to use one of the local navigation apps to show you the way and help you avoid heavy traffic.

By Bus: there are several public buses which travel to and from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. This is by far one of the most convenient and budget-friendly means of travel.

By Train: A convenient train service operates in several main stations to and from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Works are currently underway and soon a fast new direct route will begin operating between the two cities.

By Taxi: Taxis for interurban travel can be flagged on the street or booked via phone or designated apps such as Gett (GetTaxi).

Sherut Taxis: “Sherut” (service) taxis are 10 - 12 seater vans which generally follow major bus routes, in and between major cities. Pricewise, sherut taxi fares have a fixed price, similar to public bus fares. Sherut taxis also offer a replacement to service to buses on Fridays.

Public transport helpline *8787

Local public transport app - ‘Moovit’

So come check out Epic Tel Aviv and unforgettable Jerusalem, less than one hour away from each other!