Tel Aviv has long been known as a young and vibrant seaside city, where life is fast-paced and non-stop. And with countless bars, restaurants, beaches, museums, shops and attractions lining every free inch of prime Tel Aviv real estate, the recent revolution in the city’s boutique hotel offerings in the past two years has paved the way for luxury and leisure packed vacations, combining action with relaxation and increased visitor satisfaction.

A unique, personalized touch

If you are seeking a unique hospitality experience in a trendy neighborhood establishment that blends into the local infrastructure, a Tel Aviv boutique hotel stay is just what you need. Perfectly bringing together desired service and amenity features with an added increasingly personalized customer service, boutique hotels are known for their staff’s exemplary accommodating attention to their visitors’ every request and fancy.

Built in converted heritage sites, restored old buildings or other contemporarily designed structures, each Tel Aviv neighborhood boutique hotel possesses unique themes, concepts and characteristics. Defined by their souls and coupled with uniquely designed guest rooms and a high level of customized service, the boutique hotels have great views of the “City that Never Sleeps” from sprawling rooftop terraces, in-house spas, internet hubs and restaurants

Live the big city

Looking to enjoy a romantic couple’s getaway, find a quiet place to unwind during a weeklong business conference, gather your family for an intimate reunion or hang out with friends for a fun beach vacation? Don’t want to travel far from your hotel room or sit in traffic to reach big city attractions, nightlife and events? The warm and inviting yet luxurious nature of boutique hotel stays in Tel Aviv provide the ideal hospitality experience that lets you “live” Tel Aviv like a local, minus the onus of cleaning your own rooms and preparing your own meals.

Think of boutique hotels as upscale and authentic guest houses in the heart of the big city. Somewhere you can go to escape the hustle and bustle when it’s time to relax and be pampered, but still be able to pop out on a whim and casually enjoy the plethora of sites and services Tel Aviv offers the public, just like any one of  the city’s locals. And with many of the city’s boutique hotels situated in trendy areas, including in Neve Tzedek, along the coastline, in the diamond district and on Rothschild, Shenkin and Montefiore streets, a Tel Aviv boutique hotel stay is charming, authentic, pleasurable and exciting for all hospitality seekers.

photo credit:

Dana Friedlander