Colorful History and Irresistible Levantine Charm

The smells of the sea flavored with black coffee and spices from the markets, Levantine culture combined with European, ancient mixed with new – this is Jaffa. One of the oldest port cities in the world whose history dates back to the great flood, today's Jaffa is a vibrant city that never ceases to surprise and innovates. Picturesque alleys, art galleries, unique boutiques, ancient building, wonderful landmarks and an abundant of authentic middle-eastern restaurants – a trip to old Jaffa is a must-have multi-sensory stimulating experience for anyone visiting Israel. Prepare to fall in love.

Discover the magic of a vibrant Port City

Situated on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, in the southern part of Tel-Aviv, Jaffa has been the center of historical events for thousands of years. Still an active port today the Jaffa Port is a great place to explore. Wander through the art galleries, shopping boutiques and gourmet food markets. Stroll by the old docks, listen to live music, drink, eat and absorb the special atmosphere.

To get a better view of the city, climb up the hill to Peak (Ha'Pisga) Park overlooking the bay and gaze at the beautiful city below. On your way down, make a wish at the Wishing Bridge. Who know, it may come true.

Go on A Romantic urban adventure

Jaffa streets are full of surprises. Stroll in the narrow stone-paved streets of old Jaffa, discover hidden courtyards and notice the small details – painted ceramic tiles, small sculptures and upper open terrace. See the people, enter the art galleries, artists' studios and unique boutique.

Keep exploring. From the Clock tower square at the heart of the city continue to the well-known Jaffa Flea Market and weave your way through daily basics and hidden treasures. It's time to test those bargaining skills. Enjoy the small quaint cafés, middle-eastern authentic restaurants, great bar and some of best hummus you ever tasted. Guaranteed.