Tower of David Museum

Jerusalem’s Citadel, known as the “Tower of David”, is a historical and archaeological asset of international significance. The Tower is a medieval fortress that is located near the Jaffa Gate, the historical entrance to the Old City and has been the symbol for the city of Jerusalem for generations.

At the Tower of David Museum you are presented with Jerusalem’s astounding story. While absorbing yourself in legends of the past and their dramatic chronicles it will not take you long to realise that the very stones of the museum are part of this city’s living history.

The 500-year-old walls are part of the Turkish citadel; its name derives from a tower so massive that early Jerusalemites ascribed it to their great King David and despite the name being ‘The Tower of David’ it was actually build by King Herod.

Your visit can begin with a breath-taking view of old and new Jerusalem from the top of the tower. Each ancient room has been revamped to showcase a different period, allowing the tempestuous events of 4,000 years to fall perfectly into place in your mind.

The windows frame glimpses of modern Jerusalem, and with each doorway you exit, you look down into the citadel’s central courtyard, where archaeologists have unearthed remains dating from the Maccabees to the Middle Ages. This incredible site really is a maze of time!

The museum also utilizes its unique space for multi-sensory exhibits by leading designers and artists from Israel and abroad. This One of a kind museum hosts the annual ‘Night Spectacular’ which is a unique sound and light show where the whole of the Citadel is lit up with stunning designs!