5 top things to do and see in the stunning city

This adrenaline-packed way of seeing the city will allow you to take in the beauty of Jerusalem from an entirely unique perspective. The Segway tours leave from various central spots, including the Armon HaNatziv Promenade (East Talpiot), Yemin Moshe and the Old City, as well as near the Knesset and the museum area.

The First Station is right at the heart of Jerusalem, between the Old City and the City Center, between the historic neighborhoods of the German Colony and Yemin Moshe. It is the site of the first train station in Jerusalem, which was built in 1892. After undergoing renovation and preservation, the First Station was reopened as a lively entertainment spot, open seven days a week.

If you are a fan of joy rides, you will love having your senses scintillated by the Time Elevator. It’s an interactive experience that takes visitors on fabulous voyages to fascinating places, with motion-based seating in a unique hall, filled with special effects.

Spreading over 62 acres, this beautiful two-tiered zoo centers on a vast man-made lake complete with waterfalls and side pools, surrounded by spacious lawns and shaded resting spots. To the delight of children and adults alike, there are over 200 species on view, most of them mentioned in the Bible and some almost made extinct in the interim. This does not mean that regular animals are not present they even have penguins here. Near the Zoo there is a beautiful, huge and impressive Aquarium, open for visitors during the day and evening, displaying marine habitat from the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and more.

Named after Teddy Kollek who was Mayor of Jerusalem between 1965- 1995; Teddy park is fun, beautiful and historically significant. The park constitutes a significant meeting point between the Old and New Jerusalem and includes a wishing pond, an impressive sun clock original sculpture, restorations of historical properties and a fantastic water fountain attraction, featuring a spectacular light and sound evening show.