So much to see in Jerusalem’s buzzing city center

Downtown Jerusalem is the heart of the modern metropolis, bursting with nightlife, dining and cultural options to rival any major city in the world.

The area is made up of several neighborhoods and appealing locations such as charming Nachlat Shiva, the bustling Yafo Street and Ben Yehuda Street, with its own unique personality and atmosphere not to be missed.

The center of Jerusalem includes some of the city’s most charming neighborhoods and fascinating attractions. For an unbeatable cultural experience, check out Jerusalem’s variety of fascinating museums, including the world class Israel Museum, the Bible Lands Museum and Jerusalem’s Science Museum.

Discover this market's unrivaled atmosphere and variety which draw thousands of tourists every day. Once the shopping is done and the food vendors close up, join the young trendy crowds, foreign and locals alike, who descend on the market to drink and party until the small hours, in the bars, restaurants and alleyways.

This charming cobblestone neighborhood at the heart of the city offers an excellent selection of shops, restaurants, bars and outdoor cafés. Nahalat Shiva is home to Kikar Hamusica (Music Square) – a lively and trendy outdoor space that offers live music every day throughout the week.

This lovely neighborhood facing the Old City walls was originally built to escape overcrowding in the 19th Century. Home to artists, writers and academics, Yemin Moshe is known for its beautiful windmill and oriental style houses, green parks, lively music center and stunning views.

Nestled in a peaceful valley between the mountains and the terraced hills southwest of Jerusalem, Ein Kerem is one of Jerusalem’s most picturesque neighborhoods. With its winding paved lanes, their charming stone houses adorned with arches, churches whose bells chime in the clear air, Ein Kerem radiates charm and beauty like an island in a sea of green forest.