Sandboarding in the desert

An iconic desert experience. The plush sweeping sand dunes of the Negev desert allow you to glide down sitting down or standing up at an exhilarating pace. This is a fantastic and very special skill, which once you master (it’s really very easy) you can call yourself a genuine sand surfer – how cool is that?

Negev at night

The sky of the Negev at night is a mesmerizing sight. Simply look up once darkness sets and you will immediately be struck by the splendor of millions of twinkling stars, lighting up the blue-black darkness in a radiance that can only be seen in the dessert.

Camel rides

A definite throwback, this is still most authentic way to explore the marvelous desert surrounding. Riding on the back of a Camel is an activity found in a number of camel farms across the Negev and one guaranteed to last in your memory.

Photo taken by photographer: Dafna Tal

MidBurn Festival

Israel’s own version of the famous “Burning Man” festival; where for 6 days, a temporary city is set up in the Negev desert, creating a platform which allows a communal life style, creativity, art and radical self-expression.

Sunrise at Masada

Available only to those brave enough to climb atop by foot - watching the Sunrise at Masada is undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable experiences to be had in Israel. The slow rise of the sun as it emerges over the Jordanian Moab Mountains and the Dead Sea, shedding its light on the surrounding desert landscapes, is a truly spectacular sight, one which you will not soon forget.