Epic Masada

Re-live epic history atop the Judean Desert’s glorious fortification

Journey to Masada National Park, the lone, isolated, ancient Judean Desert clifftop fortification, overlooking the nearby Dead Sea oasis. Hike up the winding snake path or Roman staircase from the fortification’s base, or enter the Masada Visitors’ Center and travel to the site’s summit via cable car and begin to experience a part of ancient history, as if it were still in the making.

Explore regal ruins and feel a part of history

Enter what was once a series of luxurious castles forming the final stronghold inhabited by freedom fighters, who courageously waged war against the Roman Empire following the destruction of the Second Temple. A site so rich in historical narrative, that the cool, stone walls practically weep for the brave souls who chose untimely death over enslavement under enemy regime.

Where experiencing culture and religion reaches new heights

Stroll through the castle ruins and discover rooms and structures, archaeological findings highlighting life on Masada during the Roman siege. Enter the Northern Castle, the ruins of King Herod’s private fortress palace. Whisper a prayer in the ancient synagogue, where Jews congregated thrice daily to pray for salvation. Pay homage to the departed freedom fighters, who drew lots in the “Lottery Room” to determine the order of the men’s impending deaths, until the last remaining man put an end to his own life as well.

Gaze at what is left of a Byzantine-era church and its mosaic artwork, possibly used for centuries by escaped Christian monks as early as the 1st Century, for a period of roughly 600 years.

Experience Masada as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, complete with a sunset sound and light show at the fortification’s base, which delves into the way of life and battles experienced on site centuries ago.