Landing at the airports of Ovda or Eilat with the onward journey to Mitzpe Ramon or Sde Boker:

Public means of transportation:

Bus 392 from Eilat to Mitzpe Ramon and Be'erSheva, stops at the airport of Ovda on Sunday at 07:13, 08:41, 09:43, 14:12, 15:41, 17:43.

Arrival at the central bus station of Mitzpe Ramon after about an hour and a half.

Mondays - Thursdays at 07:13, 07:41, 09:43, 14:12, 15:41, 17:43.

Car rental in Eilat, Mitzpe Ramon and Be'erSheva:

There a multiple option in renting a car in these cities. There is a choice of international and Israeli companies.

Landing at the Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv and onward journey for Negev to Mashabei Sadeh / Sde Boker / Mitzpe Ramon

Public means of transportation:

Bus routes 370/380 from Tel Aviv to Be'erSheva, routes 446/470 from Jerusalem to Be'erSheva.Train from Ben Gurion or Tel Aviv to Be'erSheva.

From Be'erSheva bus routes 60, 64, 65, 660 Departure every morning 6 o'clock onward (approx. every 20 minutes). Arrival in Mashabei Sadeh in 35 minutes / SdeBoker area in 55 minutes / Mitzpe Ramon in 1 hour 20 minutes.

Tel Aviv Jerusalem Bee'r Sheva Eilat
Old Town Beer Sheva 113 Km 122 Km 232 Km
Tel Arad 134 Km 144 Km 40 Km 229 Km
Ben-Gurion's House in Sde Boker 162 Km 171 Km 49 Km 185 Km
Ramon Crater 210 Km 192 Km 97 Km 141 Km
Hai Bar Wildlife reserve Yotvata 323 Km 288 Km 202 Km 35 Km
Timna Park 330 Km 294 Km 208 Km 30 Km


Ramon Crater

At the heart of Israel’s vast Negev Desert, lies the Ramon Crater, the world’s largest erosion crater,also known as Machtesh Ramon. Encompassing a vast diversity of rocks of fantastic colors and forms, this mesmerizing natural phenomenon measures 40km in length and between 2 and 10km in width, shaped like an longated heart, and forms Israel’s largest national park, the Ramon Nature Reserve. Far from the city lights and crowds, featuring multicolored sandstone, volcanic rock and fossils, the Ramon Crater is often described as Israel’s very own Grand Canyon. The truly stunning views from the 300m edge lookout point of Machtesh Ramon, reminiscent of a Hollywood backdrop offer a powerful experience for tourists from all over the world, all year round.

Credit: Daphna Tal

Timna Park

15,000 acres in a horseshoeshaped valley surrounded by steep cliffs, Timna Park is an extraordinarily stunning experience and an absolute treat for hiking enthusiasts. Here you'll witness the marvelous works of nature, as well as the amazing wildlife, plants and trees which make the desert their home, surviving in the harsh arid conditions. With its multitude of attractions, colorful sands and craggy mountains, Timna Park is an incomparable visitor magnet.

Credit: Daphna Tal

Timna Park - An Exhilarating Desert Adventure

Sandboarding in the desert

An iconic desert experience. The plush sweeping sand dunes of the Negev desert allow you to glide down sitting down or standing up at an exhilarating pace. This is a fantastic and very special skill, which once you master (it’s really very easy) you can call yourself a genuine sand surfer – how cool is that?

Negev at night

The sky of the Negev at night is a mesmerizing sight. Simply look up once darkness sets and you will immediately be struck by the splendor of millions of twinkling stars, lighting up the blue-black darkness in a radiance that can only be seen in the dessert.

Sunrise at Masada

Available only to those brave enough to climb atop by foot - watching the Sunrise at Masada is undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable experiences to be had in Israel. The slow rise of the sun as it emerges over the Jordanian Moab Mountains and the Dead Sea, shedding its light on the surrounding desert landscapes, is a truly spectacular sight, one which you will not soon forget.