Tel Aviv on Wheels

Join the ride in the city that doesn't stop Get your wheels on and go anywhere they take you in this fabulous city

Welcome to the city that radiates vitality 24 hours a day, a happy, vibrant city that embraces you with open arms. What is it about Tel Aviv that makes visitors fall in love with it and come back for more? Tel Aviv is known as Israel’s “nonstop city”, and it truly is. The cafés are packed around the clock. Its unparalleled nightlife begins at sunset and only ends come dawn.

hat’s more – with great weather virtually all year round, no matter when you visit you will most probably be able to enjoy the beach, take a stroll or bike ride through Yarkon Park, pay a visit to the city’s two old ports or simply enjoy wending your way through the streets of the first Israeli city, where you can take in a fascinating combination of historic buildings alongside new and modern projects. And last but not least, the pulsating city also offers a wide variety of cultural events and entertainment for all ages.

Discover why National Geographic named Tel Aviv as one of the Top Ten beach cities in the world. Find out why it was named an Outstanding Culinary Destination by gourmand magazine Sauver and recognized as “outstanding” in the Best Markets and Shops category. What’s more, Pastel Brasserie was voted the Most Beautiful Restaurant in the World in 2014 by International Space Design Awards. Are you a coffee aficionado? Huffington Post crowned this hip seaside city as one of the world’s best cities for coffee lovers. Impressive, right? But we’re not done yet…

Tel Aviv beat out 250 other cities to take home the 2014 World Smart Cities Award, thanks to its use of innovative technology to benefit its residents. According to Lonely Planet, Tel Aviv is high on the list of the world’s top party cities. And Tel Aviv is proud to be named the world’s top gay city by GayCitiesand American Airlines.
Planning to come enjoy yourself in Tel Aviv? Here are some recommendations that will help to make your vacation a resounding success.

The beaches

Life’s a beach! Down the entire length of Tel Aviv Jaffa, on the shores of the Mediterranean, are 13 beaches spread out over 14 kilometers. These beaches, perfect for swimming, partying and lounging about, attract thousands of local and foreign beachgoers and vacationers. The beach season runs from May through October, but even in the winter you will enjoy many warm and lovely days in Tel Aviv. The restaurants, clubs and many entertainment spots on the long promenade beckon to all visitors. You can also enjoy a wide array of water sports.


Tel Aviv is home to two ancient ports. When visiting them, you’ll be astounded by how uniquely the sites merge past and present, while you celebrate the day – and night – at the many clubs, restaurants or cafes overlooking the stunning azure hues of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tel Aviv Port:

Built in 1938, the port has become an entertainment hotspot open to the general public. The 14,000 sq m. space, with its hallmark wooden deck, is dotted with bars, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants and shops. It is a must-see attraction for anyone looking for a varied and delicious culinary experience, shopping and entertainment. And if that weren’t enough, you won’t find more breathtaking sunsets anywhere. So, come enjoy the cool breeze of the sea. Come sundown, the port is transformed into one of the city’s high-demand entertainment districts and is packed with partygoers.

Port of Jaffa

Considered one of the world’s most ancient ports, the Port of Jaffa served fishermen, sailors, merchants, crusaders, conquerors and immigrants for thousands of years. Today, the port continues to serve as a fishing port, and is also being renovated as an urban attraction that offers cultural and leisure activities, shopping and tourism, while preserving its unique historical and fascinating character.


The night owls among you can party at the city’s trendy bars and nightclubs, and experience the diverse nightlife the nonstop city has to offer. A typical night in Tel Aviv begins at 11:00 p.m. and, in some places, can continue to dawn. The city also has no shortage of clubs for the gay community. Some of the trendies spots where you can dance the night away:

Haoman 17

The club is Tel Aviv’s biggest and best-established mega-club. It hosts some of the best DJs from around the globe.

Dizingoff Club

Boasting three well-stocked bars, dance floor, seating areas, VIP rooms and more, Dizenfoff Club attracts a hip crowd. Dance to rock, mainstream, disco, funk or whatever else might be playing.

Dream Exhibition

One of Tel Aviv’s most popular clubs. Its contemporary-chic feel coupled with an unparalleled sound system and 360° sound system, truly makes you feel that you’ve been transported into a dream.

Kuli Alma

One of the hottest alternative clubs in the city, the walls are covered with street art and video art. It features exhibitions by local artists in the gallery space and have a lovely open-air courtyard, where you can nurse a drink, grab a bit and mingle.

The Cat and Dog

An underground club located in the Carlebach area, it boasts eclectic music, free flowing drinks and a very busy dance floor. It is without a doubt one of the hottest places on the Tel Aviv night scene.

The Block

Winner of numerous awards, including Best Club of the Year, Best Line Parties of the Year and Best Party of the Year locally, and noted by BBC Radio 1 as having “one of the five best sound systems in the world,” it’s well worth a visit.


Its name means “address” in Hebrew, and it is widely considered THE place to be. Put on your dancing shoes and party with international DJs.

Biggy Z Bar

Walk into this bar and step into the Big Easy – New Orleans. With its unique all-you-can-drink model, get into the Mardi Gras mood! So sip your mint julep and enjoy…

And if you’re looking for the gay bar experience…

Apolo Sexy Bar

The only gay bar in Tel Aviv that is for men only, Apolo takes its inspiration from the hottest clubs in Europe.


Is Tel Aviv’s top lesbian bar, with a great atmosphere.


Popular lesbian bar with great DJs every night. Address: 10 Hamehoga.


Carmel Market

The city’s best-established and most famous market which, aside from the color of its unparalleled human tapestry, also offers a never-ending variety delicacies, spices, foods and other tempting and enchanting options. The market is abustle with crowds all year long. And, in addition to regular customers, it is visited by foreign tourists, who make the most of this unique and Middle Eastern shopping experience.

Levinsky Market

A whirlwind of bakeries, specialty stores, restaurants and shops, selling spices, nuts, dried fruit and exotic foods. You can sign up for culinary tours of the market that are peppered with stories, legends and secrets from the historic and new market. Levinsky’s unique character makes it an attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Flea Market

Located in Jaffa, the famous flea market proffers up housewares, second-hand clothing and shoes. Along with antiques, home decor and vintage furniture., the market is also home to fashionable cafes, restaurants that serve only the most authentic hummus and fava beans and a bonanza of items from the past.

Food markets

In recent years, three food markets have opened in Tel Aviv: Shuk HaNamal at the Tel Aviv Port, Sarona Market at Sarona and Shuk Tzafon in Ramat Hahayal all give visitors an experience that will tantalize their senses. The markets offer fresh produce and outstanding raw materials served up for people who appreciate the finest, freshest and most delicious food.

Arts & crafts market on the Nahalat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall

A market that’s open on Tuesdays and Fridays, decorating the street in a panoply of colors. Wandering among the stands, you can find an abundance of creative and original ideas for gifts you don’t find in stores: colorful jewelry, paper mache, oil paintings, wooden toys, decorative wall clocks, miniature glass figurines, Hamsas, dolls, housewares and more.


Tel Aviv is a foodie mecca! Beyond falafel and shawarma stands on the streets, the city is filled with gourmet bistros run by the country’s finest chefs and enchanting cafes that serve light meals and superb coffee. Along with restaurants that have virtually anything and everything on the menus, Tel Aviv also has many kosher eateries and cafes as well as outstanding vegetarian and vegan spots. Here are but a few great options for delicious eatingn.


This restaurant offers diners dishes that are inspired by Chef Meir Adoni’s creativity and passion. Located in the fashionable Nachalat Binyamin in a beautifully restored Bauhaus building, Mizlala is packed with pulsating energy and offers an unforgettable culinary experience.


Chef Avi Avi Conforti’s fire dragon restaurant and its very special architecture offers flavors, scents and feelings that come from working with fire and spices. An evening at the establishment is, as described by the chef, hot, sexy and emotional – not to be missed.

Abraxas North (Tzfon Abraxas)

Local celebrity chef Eyal Shani, serves up innovative, smart, delectable and inspiring dishes. A trendy location boasting an open kitchen, Abraxas allows you to savor the ambience along with the food, as you watch the team of cooks and their infectious energy.
And if vegetarian or vegan cuisine is more your speed…

Hashwarma Hativonit

Widely considered one of the best vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv for street food, enjoy vegan burgers, vegan hot dogs and, not to be forgotten, vegan shwarma.


Serves up a delicious vegan Georgian menu in a setting with antique flooring and artwork by some of Israel’s finest artists. The menu is so original and so delicious, even hard-core carnivores won’t miss the meat.

Buddha Burgers

A popular vegan fast-food joint that boasts a cozy atmosphere, friendly prices and wide selection of dishes, including burgers, hot dogs, shawarma and burritos.


Branding themselves as a vegan boutique, with a farmers’ market fee, all of the dishes are made from local and seasonal ingredients.


Named one of the best vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv by the Secret Tel Aviv Guide, Tenat serves an all-vegan and gluten free Ethiopian menu.


If you are an art and culture aficionado, check out some of the many museums and art galleries spread around town.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art:

The city’s leading museum for Israeli and international art contains permanent collections alongside rotating exhibitions, and displays the finest paintings, sculpture, design and architecture, videography, drawings and more.

Beit Hatfusot, the Museum of the Jewish People

Beit Hatfutsot is one of the world’s leading institutions involved in research of Judaism and is also considered the first museum to probe the history and achievements of the Jewish People. A visit to the museum is a moving Jewish experience, and affords a glance at intriguing exhibitions that present the important stories and events of the Jewish Diaspora throughout history.

Tel Aviv brings you everything a great resort town should – sea and sun, ample opportunity for rest and relaxation alongside a vibrant cultural scene and great cuisine, shopping and a vitality that is second to none. With direct flights from most major US and European cities, discover exactly what makes people rave about Tel Aviv.

Annual events

Tel Aviv doesn’t stop there! It offers annual sports, cultural and entertainment events. We recommend that you watch the Internet for notices of the dates. Here are a few events we warmly recommend:

Tel Aviv’s White Night

Don’t plan on sleeping on June 30, 2016! A special night held once a year. On this night, there are concerts, parties, street performances, plays and more, all until the wee hours of the night. Art and culture sites around the city stay open, along with the stores and various clubs. Most of the White Night events are open to the public, either free or for a nominal admission price.

Open House Festival:

May 26 – May 28, 2016. The festival includes a selection of rare visits and tours of the most fascinating homes and buildings in the city, most of which have never been open to the public.

Night Run Tel Aviv

This 10K run will be held on November 16, 2016, and attracts thousands of runners and tens of thousands of cheering spectators who come to watch this amazing, upbeat celebration. The end of the race is marked with a grand fiesta of rhythm and music at Ganei Yehoshua.

Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade

An annual event held each June in Tel Aviv, a city that has become one of the world’s most popular gay destinations. The parade begins with an exciting happening in Meir Park, with speeches, over-the-top drag performances and much more. When that’s done, the parade begins to wend its way through major streets, accompanied by outstanding music, marching groups, lots of participants and tens of thousands of spectators. The parade culminates with a huge party and Charles Chlor Beach. But that’s not all… The pride events continue through dozens of parties throughout the city.

DLD Innovation Festival:

DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference is Israel’s largest global gathering of innovators and entrepreneurs, featuring hundreds of startups, VCs, angel investors and leading multinationals. Boasting top technological talent, the highest venture capital investments per capita and multinational centers for industry leaders such as Intel, Google, Microsoft, Kimberly Clark, Amazon, GM, Amdocs, Facebook and more, Tel Aviv is the best location to get up close and personal with the entire high-tech hub! The festival comprises numerous events, conferences, meet-ups, mingles and gatherings, all focusing on different sides of digital, technological, social and urban innovation. This year the festival will be held on September 24-29, 2016.

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