natural phenomena

The Dead Sea is one of the most unique natural phenomena on the planet. A crevice in the earth’s crust that is part of the Great Rift Valley allows the waters of the River Jordan to flow south into a lozenge-shaped lake at the lowest point on our planet. With no outlet, the rays of the blazing sun evaporates the Jordan water to a point where its mineral content is highly concentrated; and it is this density of minerals and salt that makes it impossible to sink in the sea: bathers float effortlessly on the water’s surface. Because the sun has to travel an additional 1,200 feet to reach the shore, ultra-violet rays are filtered out and oxygen is enriched to a point where even the fairest skins tan but do not burn.

This is why a visit to the Dead Sea enables sufferers of rheumatic diseases to breathe better, and why victims of psoriasis and other serious skin ailments receive temporary cures by bathing in the Dead Sea, slathering themselves with Dead Sea mud and baking in the non-burning sun.

The Dead Sea is lined with spas, bathing beaches and spa hotels.