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Tel Aviv is a foodie travel destination which offers sun, fun, beaches, history, a unique culture as well as delicious and exciting food. Tel Aviv recently made it on to gourmet magazine Sauver’s list of Outstanding Culinary Destinations in their annual Culinary Travel Awards. Tel Aviv was also named “outstanding” in the Best Markets and Shops category. Tel Aviv’s Pastel Brasserie was voted 2014’s Most Beautiful Restaurant in the World in the International Space Design Awards.

Israel is a land of immigrants, each ethnic community brought with it a unique culinary culture and together they have evolved into the Tel Aviv foodie experience. While in Tel Aviv you can try cuisine from Ethiopian, Romanian, Georgian, Russian, Indian, Yemenite, Iraqi, Iranian and more which have been given an Israeli Mediterranean twist. The city has elegant chef restaurants like Chef Mir Adoni’s Mizlala, Chef Avi Conforti’s Topolpompo restaurant and celebrity Chef Eyal Shani’s North Abraxas. There are intimate neighborhood restaurants like Abdu Hadayag. And don’t forget the famous Tel Aviv street food which is the healthiest fast-food in the world and always served with fresh Arabic salad.

Tel Aviv Bar Scene

It is not just the food that is superior in Tel Aviv the bar scene is also exemplary. Drinks International Magazine included Tel Aviv in their list of World’s 50 Best Bars Awards. Tel Aviv’s Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar was voted the Best Bar in Africa and the Middle East. The Imperial stands out for its amazing made-to-order cocktails and Tel Aviv in general has caught on to the “mixology” trend. Tel Aviv has a buzzing bar scene with about 4,500 food and drink related establishments which means a ratio of one restaurant for every 1,000 people. Time Out Israel recently named Lilienblum Street, the Port, the promenade, Ben Yehuda Street and Dizengoff Street as the best bar areas in the city. Among the top hot spots in Tel Aviv is Trip Advisor’s #1 pick Lima Lima Bar, veteran bar Abraxas, intimate Ozen Bar and beach bar La La Land.

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