Come fall in love with these treasures of the Red Sea at the Dolphin Reef of Eilat.

Bond with the dolphins at Eilat’s unique seaside attraction

The Dolphin Reef Eilat is a wildlife treasure on the shores of the Red Sea, where action-packed adventures go hand-in-hand with nature and relaxation. At the Reef, visitors enter a magical site, interacting with dolphins in their natural habitat; a stunning beach, where the plant-life is in full bloom and the view is breathtaking.

The site’s lengthy pier is an amazing spot for observing the local “bottlenose” dolphins as they go about their everyday routines of eating, playing, hunting, mating and socializing - at times choosing to engage with the site’s human visitors as well. Visitors seeking a more hands-on experience can attempt to interact with the dolphins through any one of the several activities open to the public.

A truly magical experience is watching the dolphins during mealtimes, scheduled yet captivating feeding times. There is something exciting in the childlike and spirited play of dolphins with their handlers, eagerly awaiting their food. The sheer joy sensed once the meal meets its diner almost instinctively provokes a round of applause by all members of the audience. In fact, visitors tend to feel as excited and satisfied as if they were the ones to have been fed themselves.

Take the plunge and dive with the dolphins

The beauty of the Dolphin Reef is that visitors don’t need to remain at a distance, but can take the plunge and dive with the dolphins, observing them in their unique ecosystem; swimming down to a depth of six meters and experiencing the magnificent and secret life as it naturally takes place beneath the sea. Or, visitors can choose to snorkel with the dolphins slightly closer to sea level; floating alongside the dolphins, enabling playful interaction between humans and dolphins

The Dolphin Reef’s “relaxation pools” are where visitors can let their worries wash away while floating to the sound of relaxing music. On-site eateries keep visitors feeling pampered and catered to, without them having to step outside the small sanctuary of natural beauty.