Eilat is a port that is Israel’s outlet to India, eastern Asia and Africa. Six decades ago it was a shanty-style frontier town, but Eilat has developed into one of Israel’s major resorts whose Red Sea beaches and dozens of hotels attract Israelis and tourists from 100 countries. Eilat is devoted to vacationing. Resorts line the promenade and lagoon, along with a giant shopping mall, restaurants and a variety of attractions for visitors young and old. Eilat is also an entrée to one of the world’s most magnificent coral reefs: the Eilat Underwater Observatory is a must for every visitor, as is the dolphin reef where tourists swim with the dolphins.

Eilat is a 4/5-hour drive from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem – or a one-hour flight into Eilat Airport which sits in the heart of town. A 15-minute drive south from Eilat brings visitors to the crossing point to Egypt. And 10-minutes to the north, tourists cross to Jordan and the neighboring port city of Aqaba. Many visitors to Eilat take day trips to Petra in Jordan.

Take a deep at the Red Sea

An amazing attraction in itself, Eilat’s gorgeous Red Sea and the 10 kilometer-long shoreline surrounding it are the city’s focal point and the main attraction for tourists from far and wide.
With their clean, clear and unexpectedly cool water allowing a welcome escape from the city’s high temperatures and dry air, and the wide variety of facilities and attractions, Eilat’s beaches are the perfect spot for sunbathing, rest and relaxation.

Extreme sports enthusiasts will love the dozens of water sports clubs spread along the southern and northern coasts of Eilat, and the range of activities such as Jet skiing, banana boats, tubing, kayaking and much more.

Feel the vibe

When evening comes and the hot desert sun sets on Eilat and the pools and beaches close, that is just the time to shower, change and hit the town’s fantastic nightlife scene. Eilat holds a unique record – the city with the most clubs, bars and other entertainment venues per capita in Israel, so there is no shortage of hotspots to make your night as fun-filled as your day.

A desert adventure

North of the city lies the southern Arava, a region of breathtaking desert vistas, and one of the most recommended areas to visit in the country, where you can feel the vast expanses and hike steep cliffs, valleys, streams and more.

The colorful and stunning mountains of the Eilat area, besides contributing to the city's breathtaking view, will provide all nature lovers with an unforgettable experience. There are a variety of routes and sites to visit and enjoy by hiking, bicycling, driving, camel riding and even rock climbing or rappelling down cliffs for the extreme sports enthusiasts.

Don't wait up. Visit Eilat. Escape to the sun.