The Israeli desert with its breathtaking landscape and various attractions is offering the perfect place for a holiday. The Negev invites the visitors to an exciting journey that is rich in variety of opportunities.

Israel is a small country with 62% of the total area occupied by the Negev desert. The reddish gleaming desert terrain is characterized by many impressive geological rock formations. The visitors enjoy here a unique view of an untouched vastness - silent and majestic.

There are traces of past civilizations and their agriculture as well as archaeological sites. The Negev offers an unmistakable backdrop for encountering the Bedouin tribes - people of the desert.

The Israeli desert is special for the following reasons:

  • The desert is very near: just 4 hours of flying from Europe. Israel has two international airports - Ben Gurion and Ovda, which guarantee a short trip to the desert to all travellers (half an hour to an hour and a half). Starting from November, there will be direct flights from Europe and Russia to Ovda airport including Ryanair, Wizzair, and SAS.
  • Easy to Hike and Bike: There are a lot of marked paths. Israel offers the most imposing hiking trails of the world and hundreds of safe paths lead through the Israeli desert.
  • Cordial local population: The desert dwellers are friendly and hospitable and make the desert experience both pleasant and exciting for visitors.
  • Tourists Activities: Along with the development of accommodation, the huge offer of tourist activities has converted the Negev in a popular, interesting, versatile and creative destination in recent years.
  • Magnificent landscapes: Lots of tourists today, enjoy the charm of the Negev with its landscapes rich in variety
    • There are spectacular sand dunes in the north.
    • The Ramon Crater is present in the middle with its bold cliffs and seasonal water sources.
    • In the east, one experiences the African desert with wide savannas and acacia trees.
    • To the south, one finds red and black granite, contrasted by sandstone foothills having a powerfully pleasant colour.

    During a desert trip of approx. 3 hours, you can get to know the entire spectrum of the desert landscape and enjoy its variety, which one experiences in other deserts often only with a long trip of several kilometers. Many tourists decide for to stay for 2 or 3 days in each region of the Negev.

  • The Negev is very safe to travel. In case of emergency, the rescue units working in the area are some of the best trained in the world and are always close by. Should anyone require medical assistance, Israel offers high quality, first class advanced western medical services.