Jerusalem is an open invitation for a journey. Climb the mountains, enter the city and feel the unique mix between past and present, ordinary and extraordinary. One of the most ancient cities in the world, sacred for Jews, Christians and Muslims, Jerusalem offers an unparalleled sensory and spiritual experience.

Enter. The heart of the holiest city in Judaism is the Old City. Enter through the historic entrance, The Jaffa Gate, or use The Zion Gate that leads straight to the Jewish Quarter, one of the four quarters of the walled city and home to Jews almost consecutively since 8 BCE. Wonder through the alleyways, see the people, visit the Cardo, Jerusalem's ancient main street and absorb the unique atmosphere. You're walking in the footsteps of kings and prophets – It's no ordinary thing.

Witness History Comes alive and Feel the Deep Spiritual Energy within the Walls 

What Lays Ahead.  The last remaining segment from the ancient walls that surrounded The Second Temple, The Western Wall, is a symbol of Jewish yearnings for their ancestral and spiritual homeland. Every Jew outside Jerusalem pray facing the place you stand in now, the place where according to Judaism, God resides. No matter what your beliefs are, it's a humbling experience. Honor the spirit of the site and place a note in the wall with a prayer or a wish.

What Lays Beneath. Jerusalem is literally covered with layers of history and touching history gets a whole new meaning here.

Take the fascinating tour at the Western Wall Tunnels and reveal the hidden sections of the Western Wall. History will come to life as you move through underground passages, discover life in Jerusalem during The Second Temple era and learn about the art, architecture and building practices.

Visit the nearby archeological site City of David and learn more about the history of the city King David declared as the unified capital of Israel's 12 tribes 3000 years ago. Go on a journey between ancient walls and fortresses, hidden springs where kings were coroneted and follow the path of fleeing Jerusalem residents after the city was conquered by the Romans.

Marvel at the Breathtaking Extraordinary Vista and Feel on Top of the World

What Lays Above. Originally built to protect the city against intruders, Jerusalem is surrounded by walls.  Today The Walls of Jerusalem offer an opportunity to explore the city from a different angle. Hear the stories, see the city below you and take in all this beauty.

You are just beginning to stretch the surface.

photo credit:

Noam Chen