Get on your bicycle - explore the city in style

As one of the trendiest cities in the world, it is no surprise that Tel Aviv has, in recent years, joined the trend that’s sweeping the worlds most famous cities- the bicycle trend.

Exploring the city on a bike has a variety of benefits – it is environmentally conscious, substantially reducing your carbon footprint, it saves you precious vacation time otherwise spent fighting traffic and is of course extremely healthy. Biking is a fantastic means of exercise, and as a tourist or visitor, cycling as a means of exploring the city is a fabulous way of enjoying its sights, sounds and smells up close with no interference.

Here are just some of the things that make Tel Aviv a fantastic city for cycling:

The dedicated bike lanes: The city of Tel Aviv is a strong advocate of bicycles as a means of transport and to support the cause, there are over 100km of dedicated bike lanes paved throughout the city, for the safety and convenience of the city’s cyclists.

The fantastic weather: Tel Aviv enjoys fantastic weather year-round with very little rainfall, making it an ultimate city for cycling in weather enjoying the cool breeze coming off the beach on the stunning promenade or zooming down the stunning inner streets with their fabulous Bauhaus architecture.

Tel-O-Fun: the Tel o Fun is an easy, simple and cost effective municipal public bike hire system. With Tel o Fun s residents and visitors alike can pick up and drop off excellent quality bicycles using a credit card at 150 convenient stations citywide.

Best thing of all, everything in Tel Aviv is so close, you can take your bike to the beach, cycle along the stunning promenade, take your bike and go for a fantastic picnic in park Ha’Yarkon and take them on a night on the town in the fabulous clubs and bars of Dizengoff or the harbor.

Cycling has never been easier, healthier, or more fun than in the gorgeous city of Tel Aviv.