Tel Aviv Port vs Jaffa Port

Jaffa Port offers an ancient history, stone buildings and cobbled lanes while Tel Aviv Port is a contemporary cultural, recreational and commercial hub.

The modern city of Tel Aviv had its humble beginnings in the port of Jaffa where immigrants, armies and traders docked their ships. The port is famed as one of the oldest in the world and today it is still used by local fishermen while the historic surrounding area has become a popular tourist destination.

The Good Life
The waterside hangers have been converted into galleries and cultural spaces like the Nalaga’at Center operated by the deaf and blind community and the Dvir Gallery. From the waterfront the ancient cobbled alleyways wend their way up through stone buildings reminiscent of old Jerusalem. In among the historic buildings are galleries, specialty stores and excellent restaurants. As you reach the upper levels of the Old Port area you can see St. Peter’s Church, the Wishing Bridge, the Old Jaffa Museum and the Ilana Goor Museum.

Tel Aviv Port
In contrast to Jaffa Port Tel Aviv has a more commercial and contemporary feel. The port operated from 1938 to 1965 and has undergone renewal and restoration to convert it into a shopping and entertainment district. The port area consists of converted hangers and a long wide waterfront promenade. It is popular with families visiting the Dyada Center for children’s activities and others visiting the yoga center, center for women, conference venue and the Cavim Institute of Design and Architecture. The promenade is always alive with street performers, musical events and outdoor markets. The port is a contemporary and dynamic area for creative and cultural expression. When the sun goes down the Tel Aviv Port becomes a popular nightlife destination with bars and clubs.