A Total Foodie’s Heaven

Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea is one of the world's top travel destinations. Vibrant, action-packed and fun, Israel's second largest city has it all including a creative, hip, original, award-winning culinary scene that fits every preference and budget. From sophisticated modern gourmet Chef Restaurants to simple local traditional ones and everything in between. It was even voted as one of the top destinations for vegan travelers. Yes, world foodies, Tel-Aviv is the place for you.

Out and About. Telavivians love the outdoors. There's always something new and exciting happening in the city and that includes food. Want to explore Tel-Aviv's culinary scene? Begin by simply stepping outside. Go to one of Tel-Aviv's bustling main street such as Dizengoff and Ibn Gabirol and let yourself wonder. The best Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Delicatessens and Street Food – its right under your feet.

Tasting the Markets. Visit the Carmel Market, the city's largest most centrally located and hugely popular food market. Go to gourmet and spices heaven, Levinsky Market on south side of the city. Tip: Take your time. Some of city's culinary gems are hidden within these streets.

Local and International. With immigrants from over 120 countries it's no wonder Tel-Aviv is a huge melting pot (literally). If ethnic food for you means Japanese, Thai or Indian, here it's a much broader term. Turkish, Moroccan, Persian, Yamani, Ethiopian, Georgian and the list goes on.

Still, Tel-Aviv also takes great pride in the local cuisine that gets inspired by this abundance of international cuisines and puts a spin on traditional dishes. The result is delicious and truly original. Visit The Tel-Aviv Port Farmers market and the International Sarona Market for a taste of some of the best food Tel-Aviv has to offer.

Sophisticated, Refined and Innovative. It's no secret that many of Israel's finest world-class restaurants can be found in Tel-Aviv. Adventurous, creative chefs that experiment with classic Middle-Eastern, East Asian and European food turned Tel-Aviv not only to a gourmet cuisine center in Israel but into an international one as well. Clever and aesthetically stunning that makes use of the freshest local ingredients – this culinary experience is something you will not forget.

Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly. Unlike many places around the world, spending a week (or more) meat and dairy free is very simple. You'll easily find great fast, ethnic and gourmet food. You'll find bakeries, delicatessen, full veggie menu restaurant as well as "friendly" ones that offer many vegetarian and vegan options. It's fresh, tasty and innovative.

What started few years ago, as another trend became one of the main features of Tel-Aviv's culinary scene. It put into great use its diverse gastronomical influences and the impressive spread of vegetables in the markets as well as a reflection of Tel-Aviv highly environmental conscience population.

Are you hungry already?