Timna Treasures

15,000 acres in a horseshoe-shaped valley surrounded by steep cliffs, Timna Park is an extraordinarily stunning experience and an absolute treat for hiking enthusiasts. Here you'll witness the marvelous works of nature, as well as the amazing wildlife, plants and trees which make the desert their home, surviving in the harsh arid conditions.

With its multitude of attractions, colorful sands and craggy mountains, Timna Park is an incomparable visitor magnet.

Explore the Natural Beauty and Exciting Attractions Timna Park Has to Offer

Timna Park is a one-of-a-kind experience, located just 20 minutes from Eilat, in the heart of the enchanted Israeli desert and ensconced between breathtaking natural scenery. With attractions and activities that combine nature, historical antiquities and adventure, the expansive grounds house excitement and enchantment that dare to impress visitors of all ages and interests.

Witness outstanding natural phenomena

Walk through the park’s grounds and gaze at the site’s unique rock formations With interesting names and rare shapes you can touch with your bare hands “Mushroom,” “Mushroom & a Half,” “Pink Canyon,” “Arches,” “Solomon’s Pillars” and “Valley of Rock Drawings -” depict life from an era long ago, allowing you to feel as though you are witnessing something truly spectacular.

Trek through the great outdoors

Embark upon one of the park’s 20 well-marked hiking trails, each varying in level of difficulty, selected to fit your individual or group needs and capabilities. Trek through the spectacular, geological and archaeologically-significant trails, or choose instead to take it easy and lounge by the shaded Timna Lake and its adjacent camping grounds and King Solomon’s Khan restaurant, where desert-related crafts such as colored sand bottles can be made, or pedal boats can be taken for a spin.

Extreme sports more up your alley? Try out the park’s rappelling, zip line and bike tours, each sure to leave you feeling invigorated and accomplished.

Experience ancient times today

Learn about biblical history in the desert, during a guided visit of the reconstructed Tabernacle, complete with a replica of the Altar, Holy of Holies and Ark. Watch as younger visitors gaze in awe at the reproduction of the holy structure God commanded the Jews to build in the desert - and older visitors examine the reconstruction for historical accuracy, learning a thing or two along the way.

Timna Park. Where history meets adventure, deep in the Israeli desert.