All sensory markets

All sensory markets

For a genuine Middle Eastern experience you can’t beat a visit to one of Israel’s many markets (Shuks).  The different colours, textures, smells, tastes and sounds of these hives of activity can be a highlight of any Israel visit.

These markets are a melting pot of cultures and a great place to give your bartering skills a go. Through the winding cobbled streets you will find, fresh produce, souvenirs, art and handmade jewellery…the list is endless. Bring home a gift for your friends and family or just enjoy walking around and tasting different flavours.

Tel Aviv

The Carmel Market, or Shuk HaCarmel, is the most famous of all Tel Aviv’s marketplaces. In recent years, it’s even joined the ranks of Tel Aviv’s trendy spots for bars, restaurants, coffee shops and chef-owned food stalls. It’s no wonder Shuk HaCarmel is Tel Aviv’s largest and most-centrally located shuk: From hand-made Jachnun, a traditional Yemenite dish, to boutique cheeses, and from one-off cotton clothes to designer threads, HaCarmel has it all. Plan your visit around your tastebuds and food preferences - salted fish, cured meats, Middle Eastern fare, fresh baked French pastries, and local-roasted coffee or fresh-pressed fruit or vegetable juice blends to wash it all down.

Nachlat Binyamin arts and crafts fair was established in 1988. It is the oldest and biggest of its kind in Israel, and one of the nicest in the world. The market is home to over two hundred artists who use materials such as wood, glass, fabric, plastic, paper…even rocks (almost anything) to hand-make what they sell on their stall.


The Machane Yehuda market is widely recognized as a symbol of the Jerusalem, and for a very good reason: Jerusalemites see it as a place that represents them, symbolizes them, and gives them a unique identity in a larger Israeli social context. Jerusalem today has many shopping and entertainment centres, but there is something about the Machane Yehuda market that attracts people, even without a shopping list.  From the heady scent of spices to the colourful displays of fruits and vegetables, a trip to this market is pleasing for all your senses.

One option of experiencing this market is by buying a ‘Machane Yehuda Bites Card’.  This card is comprised of vouchers curated in order to give you a chance to try a variety of products, flavours and the aromas of the market - without having to depend on an organized group or tour.