The Dead Sea, officially The Lowest Place On Earth (428m Below Sea Level) And A Shortlist Candidate For The World’s 7 Natural Wonders, Is An Enthralling And Evocative Combination Of Natural Splendor, Compelling Ancient History And Modern Luxuries.

From the healing powers of the Dead Sea’s cobalt blue waters, through the awesome beauty of the surrounding landscape to the myriad of fascinating sights this area has to offer, the Dead Sea is a place of tranquility, health and inspiration for body and soul alike.

Float on the waters, take a mud bath or go exploring - with 330 sunny days a year, the Dead Sea area is filled with superb attractions including natural healing spas, magnificent hiking trails, gourmet and fast food restaurants and adrenaline-charged attractions. Along the main part of the 75 kilometer stretch dotted with beautiful beaches, you will also find world class hotels and spa facilities to guarantee a truly indulgent experience.

The Magical Beaches of the Dead Sea

The beaches of the Dead Sea are like nothing else the world has to offer. There are many kilometers of beautifully developed and well-maintained spots where you can soak up the sun while on your dream vacation. Choose your spot on the rocky sand and take in the breathtaking scenery with the incredible mountain ranges surrounding the sea. The warm waters of the Dead Sea are always calm and offer superior relaxation from the minute you get in.

On the southern shores at the lowest point on earth, you will find an array of hotels where you can enjoy a magical sunrise over the lake, leaving an array of colors on the small ponds with the salt formations scattered throughout. To complete the experience of being at the Dead Sea, take some of the silky dark mud and lather it on allowing your skin to absorb the helpful minerals. Dead Sea mud has been proven beneficial to the skin and body. You will feel refreshed with skin that looks and feels younger. Give yourself the pampering that you deserve and get dirty with the Dead Sea mud – it’s healthy!

Discover the desert area around the Dead Sea

There is more to do than just relaxing in the spas and floating in the Dead Sea. If you are travelling south from Jerusalem, complement your desert experience by stopping at kibbutz Ein Gedi, a natural oasis on the slopes of the Judean desert, and take a hike through a nature reserve where you will see wildlife like the ibex (a kind of mountain goat) and enjoy the waterfalls and pools cascading on the rock formation. Ein Gedi also offers hotel accommodations and spas which houses hot sulphur pools and have different types of healing and therapeutic massages too. Continue south from here to Masada, a national landmark with a strong historical connection, located at the top of a massive mountain that the adventure seeker can hike, or it can be reached comfortably by cable car.