A trip to the Negev offers so much more than just grand vistas and tranquil surroundings one tends to think about when conjuring up the word desert. While the Negev still offers all the natural beauty, calmness and wondrous sites, which the desert tourist is looking for, it is also extremely interesting, westernized and packed with activities and adventures and even offers all the comforts of a modern holiday.

The Negev offers a huge variety of accommodation options. So much more than just a place to lay your hat down, the form of accommodation you choose will offer you opportunity to acquaint yourself with the undisputable gem of the Negev - its local community. From the Kibbutz residents to the lone farm dwellers and the local Bedouin folk, you will find the people of the Negev are warm, hospitable and always ready to lend a hand. Here are just a few examples of hospitality options, which can be found in the Negev:

Hotels – the Negev has a huge host of hotel options ranging from budget hotels to 5-star international prize-winning luxury hotels, where you can chill in style during your desert break.

Hostels – an affordable accommodation geared mostly towards young travelers. Here many tourists enjoy the opportunity to meet and engage with other like-minded travelers from all over the world and spend their evenings socializing and often creating lasting friendships.

Zimmers -This is Israel’s version of the Bed and Breakfast, usually separate from the owners’ own home, these are often more secluded and cozy lodgings, suitable for travelers looking for romance and peaceful settings.

Bedouin Hospitality tents- the definite Negev must, this truly unique and authentic form of hospitality, which welcomes you into the indigenous Bedouin community’s way of life, affords an exceptional opportunity to take part in the Bedouin traditions in their natural environment – highly recommended.

Khans – again, unique to the Negev, the popular Kahns are in fact large outdoors complexes, which offer huts and communal sleep areas as well as all basic facilities. While Kahns are often a more basic and rustic form of accommodation, they are an excellent way to experience the chilled atmosphere of the area, connect with other travelers and locals and feel part of the natural surroundings of the desert.

Lone farms – a more recently developed form of accommodation, lone farms are in fact guest rooms in quaint and remote family-run farms throughout the Negev.  Combining tranquil settings with home comforts, the lone farms offer privacy, incredible views and an authentic way to experience the awesome desert atmosphere of the Negev.

Kibbutz - a distinctly Israeli form of collective communal settlements, Kibbutz accommodations offer good value accommodation at affordable prices. The true appeal of the Kibbutz, however, is their uncountably their special atmosphere and communal spirit, and the residents warm, inviting and hospitable spirit, guaranteeing a pleasant and memorable stay.