The Uniqueness of the Desert

You’ll be wowed by the natural beauty of Israel’s four main desert areas: the Dead Sea, the Eilat mountain range, the Negev and the Judean desert. Tourists can step out-of-this-world on a hike through the unique colors and rock formations of the Ramon Crater and the deeply glowing hues of Timna Park outside Eilat. Rappelling down multicolored cliffs or challenging yourself on dusty, challenging hike is even better when you end it with a refreshing plunge into a desert oasis like Ein Gedi near the Dead Sea. You’ll see more stars than you could have believed if you camp overnight at one of the many fully serviced campsites. You might even glimpse some of the desert’s shy nocturnal wildlife!

Spring, Fall and Winter are the best times to visit the dry, bracing climate of Israel’s desert. Step back in time at the famous Masada fortress to rediscover the bitter end of the last Jews fighting against the Romans and be awed by the grandeur of Herod’s palace. Explore Unexpected Byzantine ruins and the astonishing culture of the Nabateans’ ancient settlements carved out of the desert rock are waiting for you to explore them.

Action Fun in the Desert

Israel’s desert is full of fun activities. An exciting jeep tour will bounce you through the unique terrain of the Negev, or you can hire mountain bikes to challenge yourself in the unearthly beauty of Timna Park’s colorful rocks or across desert paths. Slow down to bond as a family or with friends on a calming horseback ride in the Judean desert or Eilat mountains, or sip mint tea and eat plump dates as you experience real Bedouin hospitality in the Negev. You can even ride on a camel to feel like a true ancient Israelite!

You could slather on the therapeutic mineral mud on the shores of the Dead Sea as you marvel at the towering mountains around you and the blue water beside you. Lovers of extreme sports can try their hand at sandsurfing down the Negev’s sweeping sand dunes, feeling the thrill of racing across acres of sand.

Israel’s deserts are full of more fun than you’d believe.

photo credit:

Alon Ron, Dafna Tal.