Where Adventure and Inspiration Await

An ideal destination for travelers who love adventure in the great outdoors. The south of Israel is sparsely populated, but packed with fascinating sites and activities.

With amazing natural wonders and beauty, the South boasts magnificent views that are guaranteed to take your breath away, from sunrise to sunset. A desert but definitely not deserted, there is so much to see and do here – there are many extraordinary geological marvels, significant historical landmarks and wonderful nature reserves, where you can go hiking, cycling and camel riding, or enjoy adrenaline-charged safari rides in the desert. Simply put, this majestic Southern region is one of the country’s greatest assets and an absolute must on the itinerary.

Sde Boker

A remarkable glance to the history of the State of Israel, Sde Boker is a Kibbutz originally established by pioneers, with the mission to settle the Negev in the early 50’s. Sde Boker is renowned as the home of David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister whose home is now a museum open to the public.

Vidor Center

A truly unique attraction, offering a multi-sensory experience of the exceptional nature of the Arava region. Visitors to the center can discover advanced farming methods, the local flora and fauna, climate challenges, and special qualities of the soil and water of the desert.


A visit to Nevatim, the home to Cochin Jews, is a fascinating experience. Cochin Jews, originally from India, immigrated to Israel after the establishment of the State. Cochin Jews consider themselves as one of the most ancient Jewish communities in the world. The Center for Cochin Heritage at Moshav Nevatim tells the story of this unique community.

MidBurn Festival

Israel’s own version of the famous “Burning Man” festival; where for 6 days, a temporary city is set up in the Negev desert, creating a platform which allows a communal life style, creativity, art and radical self-expression.

The Bedouin Experience

The Bedouin hospitality is a truly unrivalled experience, one which is both highly enjoyable and culturally engaging. A group of nomadic tribes indigenous to the area and dating back many hundreds of years, the Bedouins of Israel continue to live in traditional ways, opening their hearts, their homes and their way of life to the public, to share in their customs and their world-renowned hospitality. From camel riding to traditional Bedouin meals and even overnight stays in traditional Bedouin tents - all these are immensely popular attractions with tourists in the region, and an opportunity to discover and connect with a longforgotten way of life.

Credit: Daphna Tal

The Culinary Queens of Yeruham

For a truly memorable local experience, make sure to visit the Culinary Queens of Yeruham – a unique project, in which the wonderful women of Yeroham host tourists from far and wide for an excellent traditional meal in their homes, creating an unforgettable experience of smells, colors and flavors. Get to know the real life of locals through their fascinating stories, while tasting the ethnic delicacies and enjoying their amazing hospitality.

The Old City of Be'er Sheva

Said to have been founded by biblical Abraham, Be'er Sheva is one of the oldest cities in the country, with evidence of a settlement dating back thousands of years. As charming as it is historic, the old city of Be'er Sheva offers a fascinating mosaic of urban spaces, and exploring the Old City will reveal a rare wealth of unique architecture, extensive history and stories as old as time.

Carasso Science Park

New in the Old City of Be’er Sheva, the Carasso Science Park, spread over 4.25 acres, is the largest science park in Israel. Engaging and entertaining for all ages, Carasso Science Park features an interactive museum and a scientific garden with games and hands-on activities. The park also offers ten interactive exhibitions in various fields of science including: Genetics, Communication, Microelectronics, Nuclear Energy and more.


Arad of the new millennium is a town with young spirit and rich experience. Arad and its surroundings have been blessed with beautiful landscapes, desert tranquility, and many walking trails nestled amongst untouched desert nooks, suitable for any age or style. With lots of attractions and plenty of tourism sites in and around the city, Arad is the perfect starting point and your natural gate to the perfect desert vacation.

Yotvata Hai-Bar

The Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve is the area’s largest animal breeding and reclamation center for animals before they are reintroduced into the wild. The reserve boasts wonderful attractions that are an absolute delight for animal lovers, including the predators’ center with its live predators and small desert animals, a Nocturnal animal’s observatory in dark room conditions and 12 square kilometers of ground where herds of herbivores roam free.

Extreme Adventures

The south of Israel is a total dream destination for adventure-hungry travelers. Its unique and challenging terrain make for an ideal setting for various extreme sports and activities including abseiling down steep ravens and canyons, dirt biking and off road cycling which are extremely popular in this area as are the 4x4 adventure drives which are all the rage for locals and tourists alike.

Credit: Daphna Tal

Camel rides

A definite throwback, this is still most authentic way to explore the marvelous desert surrounding. Riding on the back of a Camel is an activity found in a number of camel farms across the Negev and one guaranteed to last in your memory.

Credit: Daphna Tal


Round The Arava Race - The 63-kilometer bike race named after Yoni Friedman offers a breathtaking desert landscape, endless expanses of nature, the power of spirituality, serenity and serenity and a connection to an extraordinary sporting experience. The starting point and end of the race are in Moshav Hatzeva.

Darom Adom is an annual festival held during the Anemone flower's blossoming season in the northern Negev region. The festival offers agricultural tours, farmers' markets, and countryside lodging, as well as sports activities such as marches, race, bike tours through the red fields of the northern Negev and other activities such as artistic performances. The local tourism association "Shikma Besor" is responsible for the festival and its yearly activities.


The cherry festival takes place in the Yatir Forest, which is the largest forest in Israel where large orchards of orchards grow, and is a 5-minute drive from Be'er Sheva. The event includes a cherry harvest for the whole family, sweet and sour snacks, baking pita bread, sheep herding, cheese gibbon, local farmers' market, klezmer melodies, climbing wall, omega and many other activities for the whole family.

Experience the magic of Ramadan nights in Rahat - when the night becomes a day and the streets are bustling with life. Join an unforgettable tour at the most special time of the year, giving a unique glimpse into Bedouin culture in Rahat. Meet the authentic dishes, absorb the fragrances of spices and roasted coffee, discover the secrets of Rahat from local guides and enjoy street performances, Debka music and more.
The Cinema South Festival, initiated by the School of Sound and Screen Arts at Sapir Academic College, started in 2002 with an emphasis on student films. Within a few years, however, became the festival an international film festival that provides a central stage for Israeli cinema, international quality and radical cinema. The festival takes place every year in June for five full days in various locations throughout the northern and western Negev. This is a festival that opens its doors to anyone, free of charge. The South Cinema Festival is produced from a unique cultural agenda relevant to the place where it was created.

The International Fringe Festival Beer Sheva is a multi-disciplinary festival that crosses audiences and ages and constitutes a quality stage for the best Israeli and international artists from the fields of theater, dance, music, street art and the plastic arts. The festival is considered one of the major fringe events in Israel and the largest and leading cultural festivals in the south of the country. The festival was recently received by the EFFE (European Festivals Association) and is gaining a reputation as a prestigious event.

Negev Of Stars - Like every summer, the Earth passes through the shrapnel left behind by the comet SWIFT-TATTLE. These fragments penetrate our atmosphere and create a spectacular view of "shooting stars". During this time in the Negev celebratethe people the amazing experience of the Perseid Meters, a number of astronomical events - a joint observation of the meteor shower, observation points with elaborate telescopes, lectures and many other activities.

The Tamar Festival is a combination of the ideal Israeli soundtrack and the spectacular vista of Masada and the Dead Sea region. The extraordinary experience takes place with concerts over 4 days at various locations and at different times over 24 hours, when the audience ventures out to the country's most extraordinary sites and landscapes.
Desert Magic Festival - The first Bedouin festival: A variety of experiential activities for the whole family that provide an authentic glimpse into the ancient Bedouin tradition.

The Arava Film Festival is a unique event that has been going on for several years every November in the heart of the Arush Nature Reserve, adjacent to Tzukim. The films at the festival are screened in the evening and in the night, under the stars in the open air. They are the first line of international production that has been screened at world film festivals in the last year. Among the films of the festival are films for children and teenagers, as well as short films produced and filmed during the past year in the Arava. The films are screened on a giant screen and the audience can relax on a spacious and surprisingly comfortable platform, which was built especially for this purpose in the valley between the mountain cliffs of the eastern Negev.

Ben-Gurion's march has been taking place for more than 20 years, at the initiative of the Ramat Negev Regional Council, following the daily sporting march of the first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, during his stay in Kibbutz Sde-Boker. The march takes place on three tracks – a short track for families (7 km), a medium pathway (15 km) and a long one (22 km).
Docaviv Negev - Docaviv, the Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival, is the largest film festival in the city of Tel Aviv, and the only festival in Israel dedicated in its entirety to documentary films. In order to expose as wide an audience as possible to documentary work, the NPO also organizes a regional festivals: Docaviv Negev, held in Yeruham, as well as dozens of documentary film screenings at cultural centers located throughout the country. Each year, Docaviv NPO awards Israel’s largest prize for an original Israeli documentary production, and alongside it, prizes for the Best International Film Award, prizes for outstanding student filmmakers, and an additional prize within the Depth of Field framework, for innovative, inspiring documentary films from around the world.