Tel Aviv

The 4th edition of this celebrated culinary experience that brings renowned chefs from around the globe and invites them to take over the kitchens of several of Tel Aviv’s most notable restaurants.

This year offers a new twist: The eight visiting chefs are all women – hailing from Mexico, South Korea, Italy, Switzerland, Colombia, Slovenia, Spain, and the United States. They’ll work with their local counterparts in the creation of culture crossover chowdowns featuring signature dishes from the guest chefs alongside flavors offered by the local chefs from the host restaurants.

Everyone involved agrees that creative cooking is always intensely steeped cultural context and a deeply felt sense of place. All of them are passionate about using local ingredients. Of course, each of these chefs has received accolades and awards from international critics and guides.

There’s no better way to showcase Tel Aviv’s growing prominence on the global stage of gastronomy than the annual Round Table event. Seats get reserved quickly and must be made in advance. So, don’t miss your chance for a place at these prestigious tables – your taste buds will never forgive you!