Tel Aviv
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Preforming in Tel Aviv for the second time ever, Radiohead has managed to remain innovative, relevant and especially moving since first visiting here 17 years ago . It is a band blessed with superhuman ability to meld together distant musical influences to create a new identity for themselves and their listeners; A band whose compulsive tendency to experiment with groundbreaking sound echoed the impact of entire generations of artists and shattered it to the walls of superfluous genres; A band that changed the way we listen to music, make music, see music, think music and even buy music. Now, 17 years after they last visited here, Radiohead is coming to a concert in Tel Aviv.

Watching Radiohead's show, it becomes clear that first and foremost, they are the authors and performers of a huge amount of unforgettable songs. Their repertoire manages to be on the one hand familiar, classical - most of us know it by heart - and on the other hand revolutionary, developing and surprising. The tight performance of the ensemble, along with the unique energy of the soloist, Tom York, transforms each performance into a one-time live experience that attracts huge audiences, to participate in the celebration of artistic evolution, to see how they grew, evolved and reinvented themselves time and time again.

Today's Radiohead is a band with a more contemporary presence than ever before, with a glorious past and a variety that transcends all cataloging: a band that began with the Immortal Grange anthem of Creep; Slapped critics over the head with the alternative masterpiece The Bends and then committed commercial suicide - and reached heaven - twice! - with two of the best albums of all time, OK Computer and Kid A.

The new generations who discover Radiohead through their new works - In Rainbows a favorite in Israel or the new and acclaimed album A Moon Shaped Pool - discover a band whose influences have permeated every musical genre today: rock, electronic, world, hip hop. Today's Radiohead is more than just another band, it is a world - with a unique visual language, exceptional imagery, an unreplaceable atmosphere and inner humor. Especially in Israel - a country that has always enjoyed an intimate and warm relationship with the band - Radiohead's performance is a cultural experience of the rarest kind.

This concert will not have assigned seats, Golden Ring, VIP, unfair prices or any other division of class. Anyone who wants to sit is welcome to bring a blanket, and anyone who wants to stand close to the stage is welcome to arrive early, the ticket price is equal to all, and as many people as possible will be able to enjoy this momentous musical event.