Tel Aviv & Jerusalem
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Every year in March, the people of Tel Aviv & Jerusalem dress up in costumes, the cities are a party and it’s all because of Purim – the most colorful and fun holiday of them all!

As expected, the party capital doesn’t disappoint, as there are tons of events to choose from – the annual street party is Tel Aviv’s biggest event. Thousands of dressed up people will gather together in “Kikar Hamedina” (State’s Square)  to enjoy performances from top musicians and dance together! The best part? It’s free of charge! If you won’t be too exhausted, you can also participate in Tel Aviv’s Zombie Walk. The name is self-explanatory, as the walk features hundreds of zombies walking through the streets of the city that never sleeps. Other events include Tel Aviv Street Party in Rothschild boulevard and many more.

If your prefer to spend the holiday in the city of gold, have no fear as there are plenty of events taking place across Jerusalem – from carnivals to parties there is something for everyone: The official Jerusalem Purim events is at Safra Square, featuring activities and performances for kids. Another option is the event at the Israel Museum that’s meant for the whole family. There’s also a Purim Rave Party at The Tower of David, the traditional parade at Nachlaot street, a party at Downtown Jerusalem building, a Purim party at the Shuka and more events to be confirmed!

So choose your costume and come celebrate with us!