Tel Aviv

The famous French singer and actress Patricia Kaas is coming back to Tel Aviv for the third time after her previous performance three years ago became a huge success and recieved incredible reviews. Kaas is considered one of the all-time most successful French singers and her music is a mix of pop, cabaret, jazz, and chanson. She started her career in the late 80’s and very quickly she climbed the charts in France.

Kaas’s first single “Mademoiselle chante le blues” that came out in 1987 became a huge hit and got to the top 10 in the French chart. A year later she released her second single “D’Allemagne”, followed by her first album “Mademoiselle chante…” that was ranked number two at the French chart. The album sold over 100,000 copies within less than two months and became a gold album. It didn’t take long and within less than three months more than 350,000 copies were sold and it became a platinum album. Kaas received a platinum album status in Belgium, Switzerland and Canada as well, and at the same year she won the most important French music award – Victories de la Musique.

Since then the French phenomenon sold more than 17 million albums worldwide. Her third album “Je te dis vous” brought her major success in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Russia, Finland, Ukraine and Korea. In 2002 she acted in a movie for the first time, it was “And now… Ladies and Gentlemen” in which she performed with the British actor Jeremy Irons. In 2009 she represented France at the Eurovision contest and got to the 8th place.

Patricia Kaas is responsible for many hits and her songs became a part of our lives. The talented musician is coming back to Tel Aviv to sing her famous repertoire and bring back the nostalgia to the nonstop city.