Tel Aviv
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Ozzy Osbourne, the world-famous metal legend returns to Tel Aviv for the last time as part of his farewell tour. While known to younger audiences mainly from the reality show “The Osbournes”, Ozzy was already a musical icon and a huge star since way before – from his role as the lead singer for Black Sabbath, to being the headliner in the international metal festival that was named after him, the “Ozzfest”.

After 2500 shows all around the world, the star comes to say goodbye to his fans in Tel Aviv, a city known around the world for its rich rock and metal scene. Being the most liberal city in Israel, Tel Aviv is always full of action and attracts both younger and older visitors who craving a taste of the underground culture. The rocking city is full of bars with rock themes, alternative clubs, live music venues and is known to attract music lovers from every country.

Don’t miss your chance to see the metal star for the very last time, make sure to get your ticket now and come rock it with ozzy in rockin’ Tel Aviv!