Tel Aviv
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An amazing experience for design lovers everywhere

This September, the nonstop city of Tel Aviv will be hosting for the 14th year in a row, the fantastic ‘Open Houses’ Architecture and Design Festival.

The event will include an exciting program of fascinating visits and tours to some of the most intriguing buildings in the city including private homes, apartments, historical buildings and urban buildings. I from tours of residential apartments and new buildings. The Festival will also include special guided tours and attractions in unusual places.

The ‘Open Houses’ opens a one-time door and allow a glimpse into the forms of design, life forms, history, culture, technology, ecology and houses of added value that makes them intriguing and attractive

Among the many buildings and structures open to the public, some of which have never been opened before are:  Tel-Aviv Velodrome, opened for the first time, a ship from within, a synagogue from 1840 in Old Jaffa and some fan favorites including the helipad on the Azrieli roof and a glimpse of the atomic shelter at Dizengoff Center.

"Open Houses” is part of the Open House World Wide's international organization, operating in New York, London, Chicago, Rome, Barcelona, ​​Melbourne, Dublin, Helsinki, and more.

Be sure to check out what is guaranteed to be a unique and unforgettable urban celebration in the awesome city of Tel Aviv!