Tel Aviv
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The two mega pop stars will perform at the “Lollipop” festival that will take place at the outskirts of Tel Aviv on the first of August. Derulo, that made his big breakthrough in 2009 with the hit “Whatcha Say”, became over the last decade one of the biggest stars in the international music industry with his huge hits such as “Wiggle”, “Want to Want Me”, “Swalla”, “Tip Toe” and “Talk Dirty”. The popular British Pop star, Rita Ora, is known especially for her famous hits “I Will Never Let You Down”, “Anywhere”, “R.I.P” and “Hot Right Now”.

The festival provides a great opportunity to explore the city that never sleeps and enjoy its famous nightlife scene – from world-class bars, to secret underground clubs, to live music shows and various culinary options and even alternative art galleries, Tel Aviv for sure has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re following a map or letting yourself get lost in the streets, you’re sure to fall in love with Tel Aviv!