Tel Aviv
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Spanish pop legend, Enrique Iglesias, will be returning to Israel for his fourth visit, this time to perform at the Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv. While this won’t be his first time in the entertainment capital of the country, it is expected to be his largest performance to date.

This visit comes close on the heels of the Hebrew remix of his popular piece, “Subleme La Radio,” together with Israeli singer, Rotem Cohen. Concert-goers can look forward to hearing some of Iglesias’ hit songs which may include “Bailamos,” “Hero,” “Be With You” and “I Like It.” He is expected to perform together with his long-time guitarist, Israeli Sean Hurwitz.

Iglesias is predicted to be one of the most popular concerts of the year judging by the fact that it will be held in the Yarkon Park venue which can accommodate up to 100,000 people. Those looking to make a whole evening of the event will find plenty to keep them entertained in Tel Aviv before the concert starts.

With a wide range of eateries and pubs, there is something to suit all tastes. Enjoy the limitless choices when it comes to restaurants and pick up the vibe of the city before heading off to the main event.