Tel Aviv
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He returns to the white city with Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin as a part of his world tour that celebrates his biggest hits from the last 54 years. The Beach Boys is one of the world’s most successful bands, the band has won many Grammy awards, got their own star in Hollywood and entered the Rock N’ Roll hall of fame.

The band sold over 100 million records over the years and produced more hits than any other American band. They’re known especially for their hits “God Only Knows”, “Get Around”, “California Girls” and “Good Vibrations”. Wilson’s solo career is also successful, he recorded 11 albums and won 2 Grammy awards.

Wilson’s concert will take place in Tel Aviv on August’s 7th. The summertime provides long daylight hours that give visitors the perfect opportunity to see what Tel Aviv has to offer; from an incredible art scene to fantastic theatres, to phenomenal live music shows and world-class restaurants – there are so many options in the spectacular city of Tel Aviv for  everyone will to find their brand of fun and excitement in the nonstop city.