Finding Inspiration in Jerusalem

There's no doubt Jerusalem is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Its fusion of diverse religions, traditions, ancient history and modern city life intrigues visitors for centuries. It's also what attracts artists there. Today's Jerusalem is full of Museums, galleries, marketplaces and cultural festivals, which together form a vivid and unique Art and Culture scene. Prepare to be inspired.

Discover. On a hill next to the Knesset and Israel's Supreme Court, situated Israel's largest cultural institution and one of the world's leading museums in art and archeology, The Israel Museum. Start with the archeological wing. Organized chronologically, the pieces there form the most extensive collection in the world for biblical and Holy Land archeology. Continue to the outstanding Jewish Art and Life wing, the impressive Fine Arts collection and the rotating contemporary art exhibitions. Don't miss few of the museum's highlights – The Shrine of The Book which holds the Dead Sea Scrolls and the stunning Art Garden looking over the Jerusalem Mountains. Tip: Give yourself time. It's an accessible, fascinating museum and there's so much to see.

In close proximity to the Israel Museum you'll find the riveting Bible Lands Museum. Describes as "an interactive time capsule", it's the only museum of its kind in the world. Tour through the galleries and discover the wonders of the lives of ancient cultures in the Near East and their interrelations from the dawn on of civilization to the early Christian era.

Experience. Go to The Artists' Colony of Jerusalem (Hutzot Hayotzer) and experience creativity. This Art and Craft complex is a workplace for artists and designers from various fields. Stroll down this picturesque boulevard of shops and galleries underneath the northern walls of the Old City and see artists at work. Hear stories, learn about traditional and more contemporary art techniques and purchase works directly from the artists.

See the Tower of David Light Show, known as the Jerusalem Night Spectacular. This truly stunning show combines modern technology with the city's history and the beauty of the Tower. You'll witness the walls and walkways comes alive with a 3D light show and vibrant music that pulls the viewer into an almost dreamlike experience.

Celebrate. Jerusalem has rich history but it's also a bustling modern city that loves to celebrate. Make sure to check the city's rich schedule of festival and cultural events and enjoy of the best Jerusalem has to offer throughout the year.

Celebrate The Israel Festival, Israel's prominent multidisciplinary international festival that presents a large variety of outstanding theatre, contemporary dance, classical music and performance from all around the world. Join the Jerusalem Arts and Craft fair Hutzot Hayotzer where you'll meet Israeli and international artists and listen to great music; visit Jerusalem Night Market and stroll through the many stalls set by all types of artists and designers, showing off and selling their wares; Experience the Light in Jerusalem Festivalthat provides a dramatic unique and artistic dimension to the old city through use of light; listen to opera in the Jerusalem Opera Festival. Set in the Sultan pool, you'll watch great performance with the great Jerusalem night summer air and stunning view as a backdrop.

Don't miss the Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival. As part of the Jerusalem Season of Culture, this extraordinary festival brings together diverse artists from huge array of fields, cultures and traditions that show and explore 'sacred' music from all around the world.

photo credit:

Noam Chen