Ultimate Beach fun

Israel has a wide selection of beaches to choose from. The wide Mediterranean stretch along the west side of the country boasts wide golden sands and the gorgeous blue waves of the med.

The beaches by the main cities as offer the hustle and bustle, beach bars, restaurants, sporting activities and festivals alternatively if you just want to find a quiet spot there are plenty of coves and vast stretches that are untouched, popular with those who just want to relax. If you are into surfing there are certain beaches that have great spots to ride the waves.

Up North the Sea of Galilee have some lovely beaches where you can camp out, barbeque and really make a day of it. The Galilee offer boat hire and water sport equipment for some water fun!

The Dead Sea’s desert beaches possess a unique atmosphere in the clear air and of course a sea which is not for swimming but for floating and taking care of your skin.

Last but not least the beaches in Eilat boast crystal clear blue waters of the Red Sea that are very seldom wavey. Eilat is known for its beautiful diving spots and swimming with dolphins. They have wonderful beach bars, restaurants, water sports and attractions a perfect destination for holiday makers.