Relax in the "Salty Goodness" of the Dead Sea and Experience an Unforgettable Reviving Vacation

With breathtaking natural beauty, soothing rich mineral Spas, proved healing qualities and many unique experiences, it's no wonder the Dead Sea became one the world's prominent tourist destinations. This mysterious salty lake is all you need for a perfect mind-body holiday experience.
Relax. Salt, mud, sun…and there's more. Soak up in natural (hot) sulfurous springs and enjoy Spa treatments. Familiar with the phrase "guilty pleasure?" It doesn't apply here. Take the "guilty" out and simply enjoy a healthy revitalizing relaxing vacation.

Let Go and Enjoy One of Nature's Most Wondrous Gifts

Float. Thanks to the exceptional high level of saline in the water you will be able to perform a small "miracle" by, fine, not walking but naturally floating on water. Get in the water, lean back and let nature take its course. It may take a minute to get used to but then, we promise, it's magical.
Heal. Entering the Dead Sea area feels like stepping into a different world. Different view, different pace, different air and even a different sun.
The last two are the results of the special geological conditions of the area and the primary reasons for the area's healing powers.
The Atmosphere is different because the sea saline dissolves into healthy rich minerals you absorb through the air. The sun is different because the location, so low below sea level, weaken and filters the harmful UV rays. Step outside and enjoy nature's wondrous gifts.

Discover the Child in You and Let Nature Heal You

Get Muddy – The Dead Sea mud has proven health benefits. It improves, revitalize and provides relief for your skin. You can buy and use it at home, but why miss out on the opportunity to channel your inner child? Cover yourself with that black mud head to toe and simply have fun. We dare you to take a selfie.