Rosh Pina

Turn back the clock in the authentically picturesque Galilee village

Known as the Princess of the Galilee, Rosh Pina is home to the perfect mix of natural, cultural, historic and entertainment hotspots. A beautifully restored, serene northern village where aged olive trees and quaint homes are surrounded by lush golden fields, Rosh Pina is just the place for a leisurely and relaxing vacation, where visitors can relive village life as it was, over a century ago.

Where magical silence is broken only by chirping birds

In search of a serene nature-filled location, reminiscent of Italy’s Tuscany or France’s Provence? Head north to Rosh Pina, where breathtaking rural landscapes are unhindered by the village’s attractions and you will feel as if transported to an era long ago. Choose from the many available guest houses, outfitted to provide maximum hospitality and interspersed throughout the village’s romantic alleyways, unadulterated by the bustle of the big city and breathing new life into the bewitchingly quaint and hospitable community.

Take advantage of the local natural beauty and traipse through stunning green hiking pathsaround Rosh Pina’s river or about the Baron de Rothschild’s Gardens, reportedly modeled to resemble the grand gardens at Versailles. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sheer natural beauty as you stroll, becoming one with nature and recharging your batteries.

A vacation colony with a unique, artistic charm

Stroll about the village’s cobblestone streets, reminiscent of old European towns, and you will encounter a delightful cultural and artistic atmosphere surrounded by magnificent Galilee mountains. A place of trendy coffee shops, gourmet restaurants, art galleries, museums, festivals, historical sites and a shopping center, the city is teeming with antiquity, culture, nature and culinary delights, together recounting the history of the first “Galilee Moshava” (town) and the establishment of Jewish communities in Israel.