The Galilee’s multitude of rivers, lakes and coastline are the source of plenty of fun for all ages. Thrill-seekers can feel the spray on their faces while they race their friends on whitewater kayaking, or families or couples can relax together floating past the cool green banks of one of the Galilee’s many rivers. You can cool off with exciting water fun like water-skiing, tubing or kite surfing on the Sea of Galilee. Along the coast, tourists love hanging out on the Galilee’s hot sandy beaches or visit the eerie glowing beauty of the Rosh Hanikra grottoes.

Extreme sports can be found on land and in the air as well as on water. Active tourists can enjoy adrenaline-packed activities like sky-jumping, jeeping over rough mountain tracks or rappelling down challenging cliffs. In winter, take the sports to the snow at the Hermon mountain range with skiing and snowboarding on easy or challenging pistes.

The Breathtaking Natural Bounty of the Galilee


The Galilee is overflowing with areas of natural beauty where families, lovers and groups of friends can hike, glimpse wildlife, or just enjoy a picnic in the calming embrace of nature. Clopping along quiet paths on horseback or following the well-marked trails on foot or on a bicycle rewards you with beauty, fun and excitement wherever you go. See nature in a more relaxed way by going bird and wildlife spotting at the Hula Valley Nature Reserve, or experience the magic of the whole patchwork of forest, field and river unfolding below you as you rise in a hot-air balloon in the Gilboa. Add to the experience by immersing yourself in spirituality in sites holy to Christians, Jews and the Baha’i.

The Galilee’s many hiking trails are a magnet for hikers of all ages, all year round. Whether you prefer a shady strolls alongside gentle brooks, the thrill of mountain climbing and rappelling, or enjoy the achievement of reaching the amazing view at the top of a challenging hill, you’ll find the perfect path waiting for you. In the Galilee all the options are open.

photo credit:

Itamar Grinberg