Davidson Center (Southern Wall Excavations)

Located adjacent to the Western Wall is an impressive archaeological park. The park contains artifacts from the First and Second Temple periods, the Byzantine Muslim period, the ancient Crusades period, and others. The most exciting findings are the walls of the city from the First Temple period, the steps leading up to the Temple, the original street from the time of the Second Temple period, shops, ritual baths and more. The Davidson Center is a museum within the archaeological park. With presentations and exhibitions related to findings from the site. 


Excavations conducted after the unification of Jerusalem adjacent to the Western Wall and the southern wall uncovered amazing finds. Adjacent to the Western Wall was a large and impressive street from the Second Temple period, which was the main street of Jerusalem at the time.  

The Davidson Center has a museum showing artifacts found in the excavations. As well as an impressive, three-dimensional model that allows you to tour Jerusalem and go up to the Temple. You will have the opportunity to walk with a pilgrim through the street, buy a sacrifice, immerse in the mikveh, and accompany him on the ascent to the Temple Mount.  

As you explore the Southern Temple Steps, this is the perfect place to read the Songs of Ascent from the book of Psalms like the Pilgrims from biblical times. 




A SONG OF ASCENTS OF DAVID. I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD!” Our feet have been standing within your gates, O Jerusalem! Jerusalem—built as a city that is bound firmly together, to which the tribes go up, the tribes of the LORD, as was decreed for Israel, to give thanks to the name of the LORD. There thrones for judgment were set, the thrones of the house of David. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! “May they be secure who love you! Peace be within your walls and security within your towers!” For my brothers and companions’ sake I will say, “Peace be within you!” For the sake of the house of the LORD our God, I will seek your good (Psalm 122 ESV).