Breakfast in Israel

The Israeli breakfast is a world renowned culinary institution. So much so in fact, that you can find it as its own standalone category on most self-respecting restaurants and café’ menus.

What is so special about the Israeli breakfast you ask? Well, it’s actually a mixture of things.

The ingredients – fresh, local, bursting with flavors and the perfect way to start a healthy energetic day in this vibrant country.

The Variety - While the Israeli breakfast has the same basic types of food – eggs, cheese, bread, salads etc. – everywhere you go you will receive different types, different flavors and different styles of cooking and serving- made to order, just as you like.

The generosity – the Israeli breakfast is the gift that just keeps giving, from the incredible omelets to the huge selection of soft and hard cheeses, from the amazing variety of salads to the obligatory fresh squeezed juices and coffee to order - the Israeli breakfast can be the only meal you eat in a day.

Location location location – the best way to enjoy the fantastic feast called the Israeli breakfast is of course - in Israel, while engaging in people watching in the trendy streets of Tel Aviv, chilling out by the waves in the cafes on the beaches or promenades, or taking in the magnificent air and stunning views of any of this country’s stunning attractions.