Tel Aviv

The musical legend Alan Parsons and his band are coming to Israel for two shows, the first at the Congress Centre in Haifa and the second at the Menorah Mivtachim Arena in Tel Aviv.

Parsons has a large following in Israel. In fact, this will be his third visit to the country in order to play on stage. This time they’ll be performing their new “I Robot” tour, commemorating 40 years for the release of the similarly titled mythological album in 1977. You can expect to hear all of their greatest hits of course.

Alan Parsons is a renowned musician and one of the most influential musical producers in history. He started out as a sound technician working in the notorious Abbey Road recording studio. Alan became famous after helping to produce Pink Floyd’s masterpiece album “Dark Side of the Moon”. He has worked as a sound technician with others such as The Beatles, Wings, Al Stewart and many more.

In 1975, Pink Floyd invited him to work on their next album “Wish You Were Here”. Alan declined the offer in order to form his progressive rock band “The Alan Parsons Project”. The band succeeded immediately, receiving international acclaim for their huge hits “Eye in the Sky”, “Time” and “Old and Wise” to name a few.

An accomplished vocalist, keyboardist, bassist, guitarist and flautist receiving gold and platinum awards from many nations, Parsons also has ten Grammy Award nominations for engineering and production. Up until today The Alan Parsons Project is one of the most popular events in Europe, with tickets being sold out within hours.

Come indulge your ears and listen firsthand to some of the classics of our time. You can catch the concerts either in Haifa on the 9th of November or in Tel Aviv on the 11th of November.